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Welcome to our claims page.

Obviously, not our favourite page, and you are probably feeling the same way.

We won't make the process difficult.  Something's happened and we will fix it.


What I hate about claims is paperwork and telephone transfers, waiting on hold. I figure, if you are waiting on hold, there are way too many claims, and obviously there is a bigger problem.


So this is what I want. I want you to phone me, Derrick. I am the CEO. I won't do the work, because CEO's don't remember how to work. Please, phone me. Tell me what happened. Then email the email address. The email will go to me, and a copy to a staff member. The staff will process it and I will sign a cheque.


With our computer system, our drivers are taking pictures of poor and damaged packing. Feel free to take pictures of your broken or damaged freight. We wish to keep track of shippers that pack poorly, and mitigate our losses as well as your valuable parts and lost time due to reshipping.




                   Derrick. -CEO of Carpe Diem Express.

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